Regular Courses for All Students

Regular Courses for All Students

Regular Courses

  • Weekly 1 classe, 12 months duration
  • Class : Group wise
  • Batch: See Time Table

Cyanvas inspires, encourages and motivates the orphans and poor art loving students by providing them the opportunity of classes at low cost or free of cost.

Cyanvas understands the need for graded learning steps, especially in finding and nurturing the skilled artist in you. At present, we have 3 painting courses for the people. These courses are available in varying durations between 3 months and 12 months. These courses prepare our students for Internship for leading Art Colleges in West Bengal and for the rest of the country. They also help them for Internship Examinations for Architecture and NATA. All the courses are administered by skilled artists who have established themselves in different levels. Most of these courses are approved by the State Government of West Bengal.